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About Us

In 2002 we made our commitment to personalized water as an advertising gift. 18 years have passed and we have come a long way, that has gone from introducing different drinks and original packaging to incorporating related product lines such as refrigerators, napkins or glasses

One of the biggest changes we have faced has been leading the trend towards greener and environmentally friendly products. That is why all our paper cups have the interior in PLA, biodegradable material, instead of the classic PE. And that our range of glass bottles to fill is growing and we are more effective serving small quantities and with different personalizations, even with the name of the person in each bottle. And that we have managed to have our own production of customized paper strwas from 2,000 units. And that we even have our exclusive 25cl bottle in rPET, from 100% recycled material that gives the original PET a second life. And that is why the new water brick occupies an important part of our catalog with up to 5 different customizations

In this time, we have also incorporated the efficiency of the production of products with full sleeve or sleeve thanks to our internal production and handling services. The sleeve provides an incredible image to the product, allowing the brand to take advantage of the entire space.

All our products have become and consolidated as powerful communication tools for brands. Without doubt, original corporate gifts that stand out for their efficiency and elegance.

The Brand Company, with a multilingual team, works for specialized companies throughout Europe, helping them with the increasingly demanding requirements of the brands they work for.

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Marusi Torres

Commercial Director

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Directora Comercial

Claudia Pfefferman

Domestic & International

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Internacional. Nacional

Mónica Sevilla

France, Belgium, Switzerland

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Francia, Bélgica y Suiza

Elsa Mir-Mir


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Francia, Bélgica y Suiza

Carmen García

Administration Manager

Lourdes Torres


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Silvia Requena


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Marketing Services

Diego Ávila

Brand Packaging

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Joan Subirats

Brand Packaging

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Resp. Administración

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Brand Packaging

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Brand Packaging

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